B Bold Collection

B Bold PollyThe B Bold collection designed by Polly Westergaard was developed after Polly had spent time working with some of the women who are supported by the Millin Charity. Polly was inspired by the women’s journeys, the obstacles and challenges they had overcome and how they had faced difficulties head on. It was this bold attitude that helped develop the concept behind the range.
“I wanted to create a collection that symbolises the women I had worked with and their bold decisions and courageous approach to life combined with their humble attitude.”

Being bold isn’t always about shouting from the rooftops and being self-asserting and pushy. Sometimes it’s about making hard decisions and battling your own internal challenges with a brave courageous attitude. The subtle contrasts in the design reflect these more hidden triumphs that the women achieve on a daily basis.

Polly was born in London to a British mother and Danish father, and this fusion of cultures has been a strong influence throughout Polly’s Carer. She moved to Newcastle to study Three Dimensional Design and on graduating set up Westergaard Designs a home and giftware design company. Polly loves to take inspiration from the cultures that surround her, and the North East has been a strong influence. With her Y i Gifts collection, specifically designed for Geordies, to celebrate the power and importance of local colloquialisms.