“I live in the west end of Newcastle with my husband and children. It was my dream to be self-employed running my own business selling beautiful scarves and hijabs. I contacted The Millin Charity to enquire about having a stall at a market. I then found out about lots of training courses and support they were providing which helped me on my journey/

Before I joined the Millin Charity I didn’t know many people. But now I’ve made lots of friends and I feel like I have lots of support from the women who attend the project. I am now more experienced and confident selling at markets and online and have a good selection of scarves. Being self-employed has given me the independence and freedom to be who I am, and it brings me joy to be out there doing what I love.

B Collective is an exciting new project and by buying these products you are supporting The Millin Charity to continue helping women like me to realise their dreams and gain financial independence. Thank you so much for your support.”