In the next few blogs, we have decided to talk to some of the women that have worked with B Collective in the past to help you get a real sense of how beneficial and important B Collective is.

The first of this mini-series is an interview with Anna. Anna has been coming to workshops run by The Millin since September 2019. Anna was one of the women that worked with Corrine Lewis-Ward to come up with The Same Difference Collection.

How have you been involved with B Collective and what has it taught you?

“I had heard of the Design & Manufacture course through attending The Millin Charity Enterprise Opening Day.  The B Collective workshops taught me about so many different aspects of the business; how to market and promote products and take pictures as well as how important it is to understand your customers. There were so many different processes that go into bringing a product to market that I hadn’t thought of.”

How has The Millin helped?

“It is not only the business side and the knowledge the workshops are providing but it is also a social thing I am meeting other women that are in similar situations in life – it provides an opportunity to chat and talk.  Lots of the other ladies have really interesting ideas for their businesses which is inspiring me to give it a go.”

How can B Collective help other women?

“I think in the same way that it has helped me. It is a place that I know I can come to, I can bring my child; normally I would never be able to do a course as I would have to put him into childcare which I just cannot afford- so that helps me a lot. If other women have a business idea or they are already setting their businesses up, The Millin provides a lot of help to support women.”

What would you say to someone that was considering buying a B Collective product and supporting The Millin?

“I would say buy it! The prints are designed with women, women like me, it helps us and empowers us. I think it’s a really good idea”

We agree with Anna and hope you do too.

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