These days, it seems as if every business conference you attend bombards you with unnecessary heavily branded pens and strange stress balls that just end up cluttering up your bag – or even worse in the bin.

This is a huge issue, environmentally and for businesses, and we have come up with a solution to tackle it. For the past few months, B Collective has been working with ISBE to create a corporate gift with a social impact. We are so PROUD to present to you our reusable coffee mugs, all designed and manufactured within the UK in a zero-waste facility. The coffee mugs design is a rework of one of B Collective’s Same Difference prints.

B Collective is the retail arm of The Millin Charity. The Millin supports women in the North East through accredited training and confidence-building workshops. These workshops are designed to assist women back into employment, full-time education or provide them with the confidence required in starting their own businesses. B Collective was set-up to give these women access to a real working business and to better understand the challenges and complexities of building a successful business; all the while mitigating their personal risks and gaining invaluable experience. The Same Difference collection was the first of our projects, in which five prints were created. Our coffee mugs designed for ISBE use the ‘African print’, inspired by the women that attended the workshop run by designer Corinne Lewis-Ward from Powder Butterfly.

Today was the first time the cups were used, and we were blown away by the positive feedback, so much so that we want to share it;

“I fully support this initiative. It’s important, its timely, its symbolic of the women whose efforts brought this to the court and kudos to the designer. I think this is something that should be replicated and spread more broadly.”

 “It’s nice to have a cup that I will actually use after the conference. I particularly like the subtle branding. They are fantastic.”

 “My initial instincts when I saw the cup was: can I take it away?”

Through using our reusable mugs at conferences and events you will be able to provide a high quality, desirable gift for attendees and guests and – perhaps more importantly – reduce your landfill waste. Our corporate gifts and promotional products are designed to help the legacy of your conference continue long after it is over.

If you want to make your event special and stand out as well as reduce your carbon then consider using us. If you would like to discuss corporate gifting with us, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We can design a multitude of gifts including reusable mugs, stainless steel water bottles, memory sticks, and notepads.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsor ISBE & IOEE.